Intuisse Featured in Retail Consultancy GDR's Report About NAD+ Market

"I predict that the next big market expansion will be cosmeceuticals containing NAD+. Intuisse is a cold-chain NAD+ skin cream that’s launching in the UK in September 2022, created by a molecular cardiologist, a gene-splicer and organic chemists. Unlike existing NAD+ skin topicals, it has a patented liposomal delivery method, which means the active ingredient is housed inside a liposome, a spherical sac containing fats, that mimics cell membranes. The liposome acts like a trojan horse, allowing the NAD+ to get right into the heart of the body’s cells. NAD+ is too large a molecule to penetrate the skin without this liposomal method, I’m reliably informed, and Intuisse’s clinical results are off the charts. They show actual cellular regeneration and reduction in senescent, or ‘zombie’ cells in the skin." 



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