Intuisse Once Again Featured in GQ. This Time for the Best Face Wash for Men of Every Skin Type

Adrian Clark and Tracy Achonwa write for GQ...

"Formulated in Switzerland by a leading organic chemist and molecular biologist and backed by independent clinical data, Intuisse, takes skincare beyond cosmetic fixes; promoting improved skin health and prevention. Using a ground-breaking, results-driven delivery system, this Active cleansing lotion, the first cleanser in the line, features Intuisse’s patent-pending liposomal technology, which delivers bio-miracle molecule NAD+ deep into the skin’s cells, to help slow down the ageing process. NAD+ is a naturally-occurring co-enzyme found in all human cells, essential to key metabolic processes and critical for DNA repair; when NAD+ levels decline as we age, cells are less able to replicate or function properly causing loss of elasticity, wrinkles, a weakened barrier, inflammation and exaggerated skin ageing. Vegan and made with 95.89 per cent natural origin ingredients, the refreshing face wash also contains centella asiatica leaf extract, a traditional Asian medicinal super plant that reduces the production of free radicals and alpha-glucan oligosaccharides, a natural prebiotic (synthesised from sugars) that helps maintain and preserve a healthy functioning microbiome. £55 for 100ml"



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