Intuisse Featured in The Independent as One of 11 Female-Founded Brands to Know

From make-up and skincare to sustainable fashion, these are the names behind the businesses

Amira Arastesh of The Independent writes:

"With a name deriving from the words "intuition" and "Swiss," this luxury skincare brand from Switzerland champions sustainable beauty, as well as scientifcally-led research across its entire product range – which currently includes a cleansing lotion, essential cream, eye mask and face serum. Most significantly, Intuisse uses active NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a coenzyme found in all living cells which protects skin cells from stress and helps them repair damaged DNA – by activating the skin's own anti-ageing mechanisms and penetrating to the deeper layers of your skin – to give your skin a youthful glow."



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