Intuisse Featured in WWD

Intuisse has been featured in WWD's article "Skin Care's Buzzy Ingredients: From Shot to Serum"

As wellness and beauty intersect, ingredients like magnesium and peptides have become popular for their ingestible and topical benefits. Now, a new crop of ingredients — glutathione and NAD+ — primarily used in IV drips and shots, are getting the same treatment, as brands double down on accessible topical versions.

Coenzyme NAD+ gained traction in 2023 for boosting cell function and slowing signs of aging. According to Spate, it receives 90,500 monthly average searches, up 11.4 percent since last year. Glutathione, an antioxidant that can address signs of stress and brighten skin, has maintained similar growth with 621,300 monthly average searches, up 12.1 percent since last year. Both are considered to have high volume searches in comparison to other ingredients.... 

Skin care line Intuisse has created an NAD+-infused line of products, including Active NAD+ Eye Serum, $200, and Active NAD+ Essential Cream, $185. According to founder Isabel Greiner, it’s the liposomal delivery system that allows the NAD+ to remain stable and penetrate into the skin for improved tone and reduced signs of aging.


Intuisse Featured in WWD


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