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Intuisse is the brainchild of a team of Swiss molecular scientists and organic chemists. Although the benefits of NAD+ for skin health are well documented, its structure is unstable and scientifically proven penetration to the lower levels of the dermis has remained elusive - until now.

Using breakthrough technology and cutting-edge science, the Intuisse team has developed a revolutionary liposomal formulation that addresses both stability and penetration (global patent pending).

As a science-led skin-health company, we rigorously test our formulations for efficacy and results. Our studies prove that Intuisse liposomal Active NAD+ permeates right down to the lower levels of the skin to supplement the body’s own natural NAD+ levels and delay cell ageing.

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Our chief scientists

Professor Giovanni Camici, PhD Director of the Center for Molecular Cardiology at the University of Zurich

Hanns Erle, PhD Organic Chemistry, Goethe University; extensive experience in pharmaceuticals and bio-tech

Active NAD+ explained

Clinically proven healthier skin

Harnessing nature’s bio-miracle molecular compound
Intuisse scientists are pioneers in skin cell functioning and metabolism, investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying biological ageing. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) coenzymes are the central catalysts of metabolism, the biochemical reactions that fulfill all biological function in your body. These coenzymes allow us to convert everything we eat into everything we are and everything we do. As we age our body’s cellular NAD levels begin to decline. As a result, and combined with external stressors, the number of damaged cells in our body increases. These cells either lack the ability to correctly replicate or they display reduced function, entering the so-called senescent state. When too many damaged and senescent cells accumulate, our skin begins to exhibit signs of ageing – inflammation, loss of elasticity, uneven texture and a compromised skin barrier.

Healthy skin for life starts with exceptional ingredients
Intuisse preserves healthy cells and delays the ageing process naturally by using ground-breaking liposomal technology to deliver pharma-grade Active NAD+ deep into the skin. Packed with clean, active ingredients, each at proven clinically effective levels, our formulations also brighten, tighten, smooth and intensely hydrate to extend your ‘skinspan.

Clean means no:

Check mark icon Phthalates
Check mark icon Sodium lauryl ether sulphates
Check mark icon Microplastics
Check mark icon Parabens
Check mark icon GMOs
Check mark icon Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
Check mark icon Mineral oil
Check mark icon Artificial colours
Check mark icon Unnecessary solvents and emulsifiers