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Eye Love You Kit

Eye Love You Kit

Eye Spy Some Skincare You Will Love! The anti-ageing power duo that combats fine lines & wrinkles around your eyes

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Get ready to fall in love with our luxurious eye masks and eye serum! Introducing the anti-ageing power duo to combat fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Revitalize your delicate eye area with Intuisse's Eye Love You Kit - A $190 value for $152!


The Eye Love You Kit Includes:

- Active NAD+ Eye Serum Single Refill Kit (5ml)

- Active NAD+ Eye Mask x 4 pairs

- Unique code via email for a complimentary Single Active NAD+ Eye Mask with your next purchase on Intuisse.com


    Intuisse Active NAD+ Eye Serum is formulated with 4 different hyaluronic acids and 5% Active NAD+ liposomal technology. Intuisse pharma-grade NAD+ is clinically proven to activate your skin’s collagen-I, elastin and laminin-V production to help skin stay younger and healthier for longer.

    Intuisse Eye Mask includes radish root ferment filtrate, a potent peptide that intensely hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes. In just 15 minutes, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, skin tone and texture are improved, and skin around the eyes is smoother and brighter.


    • - Fragrance-free
    • - Eye Masks contain 92% collagen concentration
    • - Non-GMO
    • - Refrigerate for optimum efficacy
    • - Sustainable packaging


    Key benefits

    Active NAD+ Eye Serum

    After 10 days, significant increase in:
    • Laminin promoting the recovery of damaged cells
    • Elastin tightening the skin’s texture
    • Collagen reducing wrinkles, fine lines

    After 28 days:

    • 85% of users said their skin was more hydrated
    • 85% of users felt an immediate feeling of comfort
    • 82% of users felt their skin was softer
    • 82% of users thought the formula was effective
    • * based on clinical trials

    Active NAD+ Eye Mask

    After 15 minutes:

    • +59% improved skin hydration
    • +38% improved skin smoothness
    • -38% reduction appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
    • -27% reduction skin redness

    With regular use, significant increase in:

    • Collagen reducing wrinkles fine lines
    • Elastin tightening the skin’s texture
    • Laminin promoting the recovery of damaged cells
    • * based on clinical trials

    Scientific results

    Purchase plans & refills

    How to use

    Gently apply the Eye Serum using your fingertips to dab the entire eye area, morning and evening. Apply the Active NAD+ Eye Mask when you need a little boost around your eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes.

    How to store

    We recommend refrigerating (not freezing) your Intuisse products to maintain their pure, pharma-grade form. Once opened, our formulations have peak efficacy for two months at room temperature. Spare refills remain stable and potent for up to one year when refrigerated.


    • 5% pharma-grade Active NAD+ liposomal formulation
    • Active NAD+ Eye Serum:
      • 5% pharma-grade Active NAD+ liposomal formulation
      • Powerful blend of hawthorn and Arabian jasmine
      • Mediterranean marine botanical
      • Combination of four hyaluronic acids
    • Active NAD+ Eye Mask:
      • Radish root ferment filtrate
      • Native collagen

    Cold storage

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