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Active NAD+ Essential Cream

Active NAD+ Essential Cream

Intense peptide and squalane-enriched hydration

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Formulated with our patent-pending, high-absorption Active NAD+ combined with powerful antioxidant peptides and squalane, the Active NAD+ Essential Cream visibly reduces wrinkles and fine lines, increases hydration, firms and tones skin texture while strengthening the skin-barrier.

Key benefits

After 10 days, significant increase in:

  • Collagen reducing wrinkles fine lines
  • Clastin tightening the skin’s texture
  • Laminin promoting the recovery of damaged cells

After 28 days:

  • 97% of users reported noticeably softer skin*
  • 95% of users experienced lasting skin hydration*
  • 89% of users found their skin appearance had improved*
  • 86% of users said their skin was firmer and more toned*
  • Dry skin reduced by more than 50%
  • * based on clinical trials

With regular use, skin is significantly hydrated, dark spots are lightened and skin appears brighter

Scientific results

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How to use

Apply gently to cleansed face and neck morning and evening. For optimal results, use after application of the Active NAD+ Face Serum

How to store

We recommend refrigerating (not freezing) your Intuisse products to maintain their pure, pharma-grade form. Once opened, our formulations have peak efficacy for two months at room temperature. Spare refills remain stable and potent for up to one year when refrigerated.


  • 5% pharma-grade Active NAD+ liposomal formulation
  • Olive-oil derived squalane
  • Natural peptides (99.4% natural origin ISO standard 16128)
  • * due to bio-active ingredients, refrigerate for optimum efficacy for up to one year. Once opened, use within two months.

Cold storage

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Penelope Eaton

Literally changed my skin and it’s great. I’m so happy

Kate Ancketill
Simply the best

My fine lines are gone! I look 5 years younger.
I've been using for only 6 weeks. Previously I read the David Sinclair 'Lifespan' book that
explains the science of why NAD+ is truly miraculous at reversing ageing.
Tried the IV version for general health which was great but probably not for everyone. This is much easier, targeted and provides instant visible results. My skin is both fabulous and healthy. Wow!
Best product on the market!

Incredible results

Recommended by a friend, I have been using Active NAD+ Essential Cream for a month now and I am pleasantly surprised about how quickly this cream has transformed my skin. I have very sensitive allergic dry skin and also suffer from rosacea. This cream has worked miracles, my rosacea is not visible any longer, my skin is nourished all day and is not flaky and the allergic bumps on my forehead have disappeared! The texture and the smell are incredible too, always feel like I am having a facial in the morning and evenings., it is very soothing. I can not recommend this product enough for people like me who have struggled to find one cream to address all their skin issues. I am addicted now and will be getting more refills soon!


I have been using my Active NAD+ Essential Cream for almost 3 weeks now, I have used it both morning and night as recommended. There is a visible difference in the softness and firmness of my skin, which means that some of the smaller lines around my mouth and eyes have virtually disappeared. The cream isn’t too thick and absorbs easily and quickly in to the skin leaving it feeling soft, firmer and hydrated. I like the fact that when I have finished my cream I will be able to buy refills which means it is both user and environmentally friendly…..I am really looking forward to seeing future results from my cream.

Amazing products!

I have been using the serum and moisturizer for about ten days now and love both products. They are easy to apply, smell beautiful and keep my skin smooth and hydrated for the whole day. I have really noticed a difference in how my skin feels and looks since I’ve started using Intuisse products and can highly recommend them.