5 Reasons Why Intuisse NAD+ Face Serum Will Be The Last Face Serum You Ever Try


With Intuisse, Your Skin Has a Great Skin Day, Everyday

Intuisse contains (bio-)Active NAD+ plus a powerful combination of clean actives to give you what Intuisse Founder, Isabel Greiner, calls the 'Post Yoga Glow' every day. Packed with ingredients like pomegranate enzymes, French marine plankton, meadowfoam seed oil and natural fruit extract— the Intuisse Face Serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for flawless skin, even without makeup.


This is Face Serum Reinvented

Forget everything you know about face serums. We combined the anti-ageing miracle molecule NAD+ with the highest quality naturally derived ingredients. Think of the Active NAD+ as your one-a-day that puts your skin on a journey to long-term health. Short-term, our hero product, the Intuisse Active NAD+ Face Serum also enhances cellular renewal, which improves skin tone and texture, and reinforces the skin barrier to protect against environmental aggressors, while enhancing microcirculation for instant radiance.


Improves Skin Texture, Plumpness 

and Tightness

Drinking collagen to improve your skin’s appearance? We have a better solution. Intuisse promotes your skin's own production of collagen-I, elastin, and laminin-V, key structural proteins that lend firmness and elasticity to your skin, to the same level or better than retinoic acid, without the irritation often caused by retinol. Gentle and effective, it’s appropriate for all skin types.


It Protects Skin, Reduces Premature Ageing, Redness and Irritation.

Intuisse Active NAD+ Face Serum has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to protect skin cells against environmental damage and premature ageing. That’s because NAD+ aids in DNA repair, thereby extending the lifespan of your skin cells.


Highly Effective and Delivers 

Real Results.

The benefits of NAD+ are well documented in the scientific literature. However, we believe in gathering our own scientific proof. That is why we have not only conducted clinical trials on our formulas, but also performed advanced scientific experiments to prove the delivery of our product directly into the cells, the dosage required to achieve activation of collagen, laminin, and elastin, and the impact on cell senescence of our liposomal NAD+ vs NAD+ alone. We have published many of these findings directly on our website. See for yourself the proof of how Intuisse can help you achieve healthy, youthful-looking skin.

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