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Redefining Premium Skincare:
What sets Intuisse apart from other brands 


Pioneering Science Backed by Rigorous Research:

At the heart of Intuisse's superiority lies a foundation built on relentless scientific inquiry and innovation. Unlike many skincare brands that rely on superficial claims, Intuisse's formulations are grounded in extensive research conducted at the University of Zurich and Laboratoire Bio-EC, a pre-eminent research center in France, specializing in studies of the effectiveness of cosmetic products. This commitment to evidence-based skincare ensures that each product is meticulously crafted to address specific skin concerns effectively.

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Cold Chain Production for Optimal Stability and Potency:

Intuisse spares no effort in preserving the integrity and efficacy of its formulations. Through cold chain production processes, which involve strict temperature controls from manufacturing to distribution, the potency of active ingredients is safeguarded against degradation. This meticulous approach not only ensures product stability but also maximizes efficacy, guaranteeing that each application delivers unparalleled results.

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Revolutionary Liposomal Formulation for Enhanced Delivery:

Intuisse sets itself apart by harnessing the power of liposomal technology to optimize ingredient delivery. Liposomes, lipid-based vesicles, facilitate the transport of active ingredients deep into the skin's layers, ensuring superior absorption and prolonged release. By encapsulating pure pharma-grade NAD+ within liposomes, Intuisse enhances its bioavailability, allowing for targeted action and sustained benefits over time.

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Comprehensive Formulas with Clinically Proven Ingredients:

Intuisse's commitment to efficacy extends beyond NAD+ to encompass comprehensive formulations tailored to address multifaceted skincare needs. By synergistically combining peptides, hyaluronic acids, prebiotics, and other potent actives at clinically effective levels, Intuisse products deliver holistic solutions that target various skin concerns with precision and efficacy. Each ingredient is carefully selected based on its proven ability to deliver visible results backed by clinical studies.

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High efficacy without UV sensitivity:

Intuisse's star ingredient, NAD+, chosen for its transformative properties, boasts exceptional efficacy without UV sensitivity, ensuring compatibility with all skin types and environments.  

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